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Testimonial From Mt Pleasant Homeowner

“Tommy and his team at Priester Custom Contracting could not have been any easier to work with. They finished my project both early and under budget. Tommy was in constant contact with me about where we were in the timeline and kept me informed about any changes. I am so pleased with my renovation and the excellent customer service they provided that I would recommend them to anyone!”

Testimonial From StonoFerry Homeowner

StonoFerry Custom Home Photo by Holger Obenaus Photography

StonoFerry Custom Home
Photo by Holger Obenaus Photography

“Highly recommend. Very professional. Enjoyable to work with. Expects perfection from the subs. He is there almost everyday to make sure things are done correctly. Tommy Priester is an excellent sounding board for the client’s ideas, identifying pros and cons and coming up with ideas of how to accomplish this, and he builds a great quality house.”

Testimonial from Ion Homeowner

Photo by Patrick Brickman

Photo by Patrick Brickman

“We recently relocated to Mt Pleasant, SC from our previous home on Cape Cod.   We had found a home that we felt had potential for us, but knew that extensive renovations would be necessary in order to make it “our home”.  My wife in an experienced Interior Designer and we worked with our architect, Darryl Cobb to develop a plan for the renovation project that suited us and was within our budget.  Darryl recommended several contractors to us, but was extremely positive about Priester’s and the fit that they would have with this undertaking.  We met with all contractors, but found Priester’s to be the most responsive and timely in the follow-up, there was no “gamesmanship”, just good old professional effort on their part to build a relationship and open the lines of communication.  This spoke volumes to us about the treatment that we were likely to receive during the renovation and this turned out to be true.  Tommy was on the job everyday throughout the project, often multiple times during the day.  He reviewed on a regular basis where we were versus budget and displayed a tremendous sensitivity to the fact that we were living here during the project.  He was adamant with his subs that they be equally alert to this fact.  At the conclusion of every week, Tommy would ask us both if we were happy with progress and the job he was doing on our behalf.  He reached out for any concerns and was always willing to discuss alternative methods to attacking an issue.  My wife and I both feel that we have been well and fully served by Tommy and Priester’s.  We cannot imagine working with anyone else at this time and if we were to undertake another project or build a new home, Priester’s Custom Contracting would be our choice without hesitation.  It has been an outstanding experience with quality people.”

Testimonial from Youngs Island Homeowner

“Priester’s Custom Contracting is absolutely superb.  [Tommy] was on the job everyday, and everyday he would seek feedback from us.  He did an elaborate and excellent job with remodeling our kitchen two years ago, and we were happy with that.  With this job, he has done equally exceptional work, and we would definitely recommend Priester’s Custom Contracting.”